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Eugene Sirotkine


    A St. Petersburg-born conductor who debuted with the Latvian Philharmonic in St. Petersburg in 1989, Sirotkine was assistant conductor and assistant chorus master with the New York Metropolitan Opera from 1999-2008.

    He is currently conductor and musical director of the Hudson Valley Singers (in this, their 63rd season) and the New York Metamorphoses Orchestra.

    Over the past two decades Sirotkine has conducted orchestras and choruses worldwide, including the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Symphony Orchestra UN Cuyo of Argentina, the National Symphony Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro, the Cali Philharmonicof Colombia, and the Cape Philharmonic andCape Town Opera of South Africa.

    He has conducted the Kennedy Center Orchestra at the Kennedy Center, Washington, and the New York Metamorphoses Orchestra, in collaboration with the Paul Taylor Dance Company at City Center, New York.


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